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The low fences of Annerley

Tip 97 – Don’t fence me in

geoff /19 October, 2021

This tip starts with a quote from a poem. A longer version of that poem is provided here. Two men with hammers took away my childhood views todayWe chatted as they fenced me in. Yarns of tennis across low fences, shared barbecues, pet escapees, joy and pain, shared memories of neighbourhood, the suburb where I Continue Reading →

Community housing models

geoff /22 September, 2021

Author Geoff Ebbs interviews Andrew McLean of EcoVillages Australia, Your Life Your Planet’s Alette Nalder and long time Community Housing advocate, Kel O’Neill about different approaches to ownership, accommodation and building community.

Street planting in Brisbane

Ten neighbourhood secrets that might change the world

geoff /29 January, 2021

Your Life Your Planet will be available in bookshops within weeks. It emphasises the importance of walking, not only for your physical and mental health, nor just the reduction in carbon emissions that occurs by leaving the car at home, but also for the opportunities is provides you to change the world by discovering any, Continue Reading →