The personal carbon target

Your Personal Carbon Target

geoff /20 January, 2021

Your Life Your Planet uses your personal carbon target and other infographics to help you get a handle on the actions you can take that make a real difference to your planet. I trawled through the thousands of books, television shows and podcasts about living sustainably, saving the climate and making a difference and they Continue Reading →

Vincent Lingiari accepts a handful of the Centre's iconic red sand from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

5 – Paying it forward

geoff /20 January, 2021

Use Christmas or your birthday to encourage people to gift a cause instead of you. “Hey instead of buying me another decoration to put on top of my window pelmet box, make a donation to PayTheRent.” In Australia, First Nation people die eight years younger, are 12 times more likely to go to prison and Continue Reading →

Restaurant style nachos

Restaurant Style Nachos

Wolfgang Kessler /19 January, 2021

The Urban Wolf talked to Your Life Your Planet about preserving food through fermenting and smoking. He specialises in Artisan-quality, smallgoods and locally-grown produce in Gippsland, Victoria. Here he runs through a recipe that kids love and that is easy to make. There are three stages to the preparation: Cooking the salsa sauce Mixing the Continue Reading →

Keep Feb 12th free for a Revival, Launch & Festival

geoff /14 January, 2021

Join the launch of Geoff Ebbs’ new book, Your Life Your Planet at 10:30am AEST (9:30 Qld time) on Friday 12th February. Register now for the free Sustainable Living Festival event at Humanitix. Released through Australian Geographic and Woodslane Press, the book features practical tips on surviving in a post-carbon, post-CoViD world. The event will Continue Reading →

Your Life Your Planet - paperback

Author direct at 20% off

geoff /10 January, 2021

We are now shipping autographed copies at a 20% discount to match the most aggressive online booksellers. This means that you get an autographed copy, and support the author rather than an online retailer. Buy your copy now. Put a little extra in my pocket. ;->

Karla Cervantes rendition of Terry Pratchett's Lu-Tze, the Sweeper

69 – Power tools

geoff /6 January, 2021

Chain saws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners consume energy, make noise but do the job. Use them sparingly, preferring manual tools instead. When you really need them, get them from a tool library. Check out the 2006 article on The Generator Appliances to make our morning coffee or warm our feet before bed Continue Reading →

Professor Alice Payne of Q.U.T.

Professor Alice Payne: Design researcher

geoff /4 January, 2021

Associate Professor in Fashion at the School of Design at QUT, Prof. Payne writes and researches about innovation that reduces waste in fashion. “The main problem is that fashion has encouraged us to consume so much. In earlier times, fabric was considered valuable and every scrap, literally, was treasured. “There are different approachesthat address this: Continue Reading →

Your Life Your Planet books

Radio ad nears completion

geoff /3 January, 2021

The Your Life Your Planet book will be launched md-February. Media should start rolling out in two weeks. Stay tuned for information about pre-sales on on-air dates. Here’s a sneak preview of a 30second radio spot.

Leigh-Chantelle of

Applying self-care

geoff /14 December, 2020

Leigh-Chantelle is an international speaker, consultant and published author who reflects on the world’s common challenges, and combines this with giving tips and tricks on how as a society we can solve them. She encourages others to take charge to enact the changes our world so desperately needs. Find out more at her website. “Veganism Continue Reading →