Helen Andrew with Geoff Ebbs

Helen Andrew addresses food waste

Helen Andrew /25 February, 2021

Food waste is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions as well as inequity in food distribution, writes Helen Andrew So food waste is absolutely a passion of mine and it came from having an abundance of mandarins on my tree that I actually wasted I was growing all this beautiful fruit in my back Continue Reading →

Twiggy Forrest and Barnaby Joyce, with cows

Men with cows

geoff /17 February, 2021

Geoff Ebbs uses Twiggy Forrest and Barnaby Joyce, in their respective cow paddocks, to tell the truth on greenhouse gas emission. “Always an instant conversation killer,” Geoff says. An irreverent overview of the topic, Geoff points out a few home truths. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Per-capita emissions put Australians up there with Continue Reading →

Geoff with Your Life Your Planet

Generator launch is loaded

geoff /14 February, 2021

Your Life Your Planet was launched in a video version of The Generator on Friday 12th February. Watch the half hour show here. Appearing on the show with Geoff Ebbs, Helen Andrew of SpareHarvest, Sabrina Chakori of the Brisbane Tool Library and Leigh-Chantelle of Viva La Vegan discussed food-waste, packaging, veganism and quality meat as Continue Reading →

Framed crocodile cuts

50 Eating Better Meat

geoff /6 February, 2021

Eat less meat. From the point of view of our body’s health, meat should be a supplement to, not the basis of, our diet. Eating less gives you the opportunity to seek out organic or specialist butchers with more interesting meat. That has the added benefit of promoting better meat production. Use meat better. What Continue Reading →

Geoff Ebbs and Erich Schulz in the Cage

Geoff and Erich in the Cage

geoff /4 February, 2021

Author of Your Life Your Planet, Geoff Ebbs, puts doctor and electric car owner, Erich Schulz, in the Cage for 26 minutes to get a handle on the role of electric cars in building a sustainable future. This quick snippet shows Erich discussing the role of technological innovation in inspiring people to be sustainable. It Continue Reading →

Street planting in Brisbane

Ten neighbourhood secrets that might change the world

geoff /29 January, 2021

Your Life Your Planet will be available in bookshops within weeks. It emphasises the importance of walking, not only for your physical and mental health, nor just the reduction in carbon emissions that occurs by leaving the car at home, but also for the opportunities is provides you to change the world by discovering any, Continue Reading →

Your Life Your Planet book launch

A fast and fun-packed book launch in half an hour

geoff /28 January, 2021

The Your Life Your Planet book launch will happen on Friday February 12th at 10:30 eastern daylight time. That’s not far off! Book your free seat now for the half-hour launch special at Humanitix. The launch will be live streamed from Griffith University and available later for download. The event is promoted by the Sustainable Continue Reading →

The personal carbon target

Your Personal Carbon Target

geoff /20 January, 2021

Your Life Your Planet uses your personal carbon target and other infographics to help you get a handle on the actions you can take that make a real difference to your planet. I trawled through the thousands of books, television shows and podcasts about living sustainably, saving the climate and making a difference and they Continue Reading →

Vincent Lingiari accepts a handful of the Centre's iconic red sand from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

5 – Paying it forward

geoff /20 January, 2021

Use Christmas or your birthday to encourage people to gift a cause instead of you. “Hey instead of buying me another decoration to put on top of my window pelmet box, make a donation to PayTheRent.” In Australia, First Nation people die eight years younger, are 12 times more likely to go to prison and Continue Reading →

Restaurant style nachos

Restaurant Style Nachos

Wolfgang Kessler /19 January, 2021

The Urban Wolf talked to Your Life Your Planet about preserving food through fermenting and smoking. He specialises in Artisan-quality, smallgoods and locally-grown produce in Gippsland, Victoria. Here he runs through a recipe that kids love and that is easy to make. There are three stages to the preparation: Cooking the salsa sauce Mixing the Continue Reading →