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53 Feed your friends

geoff /9 August, 2021

Tip number 53 in the Kitchen section of Your Life Your Planet, is titled … Feeding friends On that page, in A Personal Story,  One of us remembers the search for an after party: “We ended up in the Hills District and noticed their were no snacks so I got stuck into the eight burner stove Continue Reading →

Tip 100 - Double Glaze

100 – Double Glaze

geoff /20 July, 2021

Save 25% on your cooling bills. As our summers get more intense, double glazing becomes essential.
Windows are responsible for over 30% of the heat lost in most homes.

61 – Things that Grow in Bottles

geoff /12 May, 2021

Forget the kimchi and the sauerkraut, the real fun with fermenting starts with drinks. Cider and beer are easy backyard beverages; wine and whiskey want a wee bit o’ work. But fermenting does not have to mean alcohol; kefir, kombucha and ginger beer are sober ferments.

Fire Cider is a medicinal ferment

Discover the joy of Wild Ferments

Tallulah Ebbs /12 May, 2021

Your Life Your Planet contributor, Tallulah Ebbs, is introducing a bunch of keen Sydney siders to the art of Wild Fermenting at a workshop this month. Check out some of her recent ferments. Wild fermented plum rosé. The beauty of Wild Fermentation Wild Fermenting is a fun way to reduce food waste, improve health and Continue Reading →

Your personal Hub of Production

geoff /9 May, 2021

By making food and clothes at home, you are shifting from a node of consumption to a hub of production. This is a revolutionary act that creates resilience and community while disconnecting from the global economy.

75 Embrace embodied energy

geoff /9 May, 2021

Embodied energy includes the energy it takes to make an object. This is included in its carbon footprint. Concrete and steel require heaps of energy. So does food.

Sheridan Stewart

Your Life Your Planet on ABC Mornings

geoff /28 April, 2021

Geoff Ebbs and Helen Andrew discuss Your Life Your Planet on Sunshine Coast Radio Mornings with host Sheridan Stewart. Sheridan loves the Hub of Production. She is passionate about reducing food waste, building communities and avoiding the the trap of time. Helen emphasised the Hard Facts and the research that went into making them. The Continue Reading →

Morag Gamble

Being the Change

geoff /22 April, 2021

Morag Gamble interviews Geoff Ebbs about Your Life Your Planet and his chequered past.

Discuss greenhouse gases in an inner-city, bookshop cafe

geoff /21 April, 2021

Geoff Ebbs will defy the Prime Minister’s assertion that ‘greenhouse gases will not be reduced in the cafes of the inner city’ next Thursday April 29 at West End’s Avid Reader bookshop. Register now for this free event. Geoff Ebbs is the author of Your Life Your Planet and Sabrina Chakori, founder of the Brisbane Continue Reading →