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61 – Things that Grow in Bottles

geoff /12 May, 2021

Forget the kimchi and the sauerkraut, the real fun with fermenting starts with drinks. Cider and beer are easy backyard beverages; wine and whiskey want a wee bit o’ work. But fermenting does not have to mean alcohol; kefir, kombucha and ginger beer are sober ferments.

Fire Cider is a medicinal ferment

Discover the joy of Wild Ferments

Tallulah Ebbs /12 May, 2021

Your Life Your Planet contributor, Tallulah Ebbs, is introducing a bunch of keen Sydney siders to the art of Wild Fermenting at a workshop this month. Check out some of her recent ferments. Wild fermented plum rosé. The beauty of Wild Fermentation Wild Fermenting is a fun way to reduce food waste, improve health and Continue Reading →

75 Embrace embodied energy

geoff /9 May, 2021

Embodied energy includes the energy it takes to make an object. This is included in its carbon footprint. Concrete and steel require heaps of energy. So does food.

Framed crocodile cuts

50 Eating Better Meat

geoff /6 February, 2021

Eat less meat. From the point of view of our body’s health, meat should be a supplement to, not the basis of, our diet. Eating less gives you the opportunity to seek out organic or specialist butchers with more interesting meat. That has the added benefit of promoting better meat production. Use meat better. What Continue Reading →

Street planting in Brisbane

Ten neighbourhood secrets that might change the world

geoff /29 January, 2021

Your Life Your Planet will be available in bookshops within weeks. It emphasises the importance of walking, not only for your physical and mental health, nor just the reduction in carbon emissions that occurs by leaving the car at home, but also for the opportunities is provides you to change the world by discovering any, Continue Reading →

Vincent Lingiari accepts a handful of the Centre's iconic red sand from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

5 – Paying it forward

geoff /20 January, 2021

Use Christmas or your birthday to encourage people to gift a cause instead of you. “Hey instead of buying me another decoration to put on top of my window pelmet box, make a donation to PayTheRent.” In Australia, First Nation people die eight years younger, are 12 times more likely to go to prison and Continue Reading →

Karla Cervantes rendition of Terry Pratchett's Lu-Tze, the Sweeper

69 – Power tools

geoff /6 January, 2021

Chain saws, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners consume energy, make noise but do the job. Use them sparingly, preferring manual tools instead. When you really need them, get them from a tool library. Check out the 2006 article on The Generator Appliances to make our morning coffee or warm our feet before bed Continue Reading →

88 Nature on the strip

geoff /14 December, 2020

Identify a plant that is doing well in your garden that you are happy to see more of.Pick a corner of your nature strip that is not driven or walked over regularly and get the shovel. The dirt might be hard, so dig deep and add a lot of organic matter into the hole before Continue Reading →