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Your Personal water target is compared to average
Australian use.
• The outer area of the target, 360 litres a day, is at the upper end of per person consumption; it represents someone in an affl uent suburb with a swimming pool in times of no water restrictions.
• The white drop represents the national average of 199 litres per day.
• The target of 144 litres per day is about the middle of the personal targets in cities in 2018.

Water targets are widely publicised

The Personal Water Target

geoff /26 February, 2021

Google and government websites all quote the average Australian water consumption as 100kL/year. In 2018, though, the average use was only 73kL/year. Most widely available information is 15 years out of date. Your Life Your Planet presents the facts about water and how they are derived. The Water Account released by the ABS in June Continue Reading →