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Water targets are widely publicised

The Personal Water Target

geoff /26 February, 2021

Google and government websites all quote the average Australian water consumption as 100kL/year. In 2018, though, the average use was only 73kL/year. Most widely available information is 15 years out of date. Your Life Your Planet presents the facts about water and how they are derived. The Water Account released by the ABS in June Continue Reading →

The Personal Carbon Target

geoff /26 February, 2021

To help visualise the positive impact that a particular action will take on your contribution to climate change, this book employs an original infographic, the Personal carbon target. The topic is introduced in a humorous way in this 3 minute video. The base of the target is your per capita share of the greenhouse gases Continue Reading →

The personal carbon target

Carbon Truth

geoff /26 February, 2021

The simple carbon truth is critical to Australia’s international standing and future trade. Climate has been a toxic topic in Australian politics for two decades and is now crippling our international trade future as it has crippled energy policy and mnaufacturing invesetment for two decades. Your Life Your Planet, drills down into the basic government Continue Reading →

Tip references

geoff /26 February, 2021

The table below represents the primary sources for the figures used in the text of each tip represented in the book Your Life Your Planet. Ebono Institute research is undertaken in the name of truth and transparency. In all the work we undertake for different clients, we fully expose all sources, in the interests of Continue Reading →