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A vibrant team of eco-warriors and communicators birthed this book.
I cannot thank enough the experts who provided valuable input, new ideas and salient facts. Some of them feature prominently in this book; some of them are mentioned in passing. Their knowledge and experience is broad and deep, and I have simplified and summarised it in ways they may not appreciate. All omissions and errors are mine so, if you know better, sympathise with them and save your ire for me.

Helen Andrew with Geoff Ebbs

Helen Andrew addresses food waste

Helen Andrew /25 February, 2021

Food waste is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions as well as inequity in food distribution, writes Helen Andrew So food waste is absolutely a passion of mine and it came from having an abundance of mandarins on my tree that I actually wasted I was growing all this beautiful fruit in my back Continue Reading →

Geoff Ebbs and Erich Schulz in the Cage

Geoff and Erich in the Cage

geoff /4 February, 2021

Author of Your Life Your Planet, Geoff Ebbs, puts doctor and electric car owner, Erich Schulz, in the Cage for 26 minutes to get a handle on the role of electric cars in building a sustainable future. This quick snippet shows Erich discussing the role of technological innovation in inspiring people to be sustainable. It Continue Reading →

Restaurant style nachos

Restaurant Style Nachos

Wolfgang Kessler /19 January, 2021

The Urban Wolf talked to Your Life Your Planet about preserving food through fermenting and smoking. He specialises in Artisan-quality, smallgoods and locally-grown produce in Gippsland, Victoria. Here he runs through a recipe that kids love and that is easy to make. There are three stages to the preparation: Cooking the salsa sauce Mixing the Continue Reading →

Professor Alice Payne of Q.U.T.

Professor Alice Payne: Design researcher

geoff /4 January, 2021

Associate Professor in Fashion at the School of Design at QUT, Prof. Payne writes and researches about innovation that reduces waste in fashion. “The main problem is that fashion has encouraged us to consume so much. In earlier times, fabric was considered valuable and every scrap, literally, was treasured. “There are different approachesthat address this: Continue Reading →

Leigh-Chantelle of

Applying self-care

geoff /14 December, 2020

Leigh-Chantelle is an international speaker, consultant and published author who reflects on the world’s common challenges, and combines this with giving tips and tricks on how as a society we can solve them. She encourages others to take charge to enact the changes our world so desperately needs. Find out more at her website. “Veganism Continue Reading →

Working the ‘pile’

geoff /24 November, 2020

Tenfingerz and Famous Artist Sebastian Berto recently launched anonline magazine,, showcasing their FastFashun events, artists active in the space and a directory of responsiblefashion brands.

Erich Schulz in the Cage

EcoRadio promotes YLYP

geoff /20 November, 2020

The experts who provided the background for Your Life Your Planet were interviewed by Geoff Ebbs on EcoRadio over the course of 2020. Wrapping up his contribution to EcoRadio for 2020, Geoff summarised the philosophy of the book and played snips from a number of contributors. One of those interviewed, was Erich Schulz. Watch Geoff interview Continue Reading →

Your Life Your Planet books

Your Life Your Planet expert voices online

geoff /12 November, 2020

The forthcoming book, Your Life Your Planet, deals with sustainability in the home, looking at it through the lens of practical tips and fundamental change. It will be launched by Australian Geographic in February 2021. The experts who provided the background for the book were interviewed by Geoff Ebbs on EcoRadio over the course of Continue Reading →

Maya Krikke

Maya Krikke

Maya Krikke /6 November, 2020

Maya Krikke is the sole parent of a little boy and produces a probiotic drink called MYK’s Kefir using whole fruit.A lot of people associated kefir with milk-based products but I use water kefir grains, that consume the glucose in sugar, and then I do a secondary ferment with fruit. I also have a processed-sugar-free Continue Reading →